Solenoid Valves

A "solenoid" and a "solenoid valve" are two completely different things. The confusion is understandable because of the way different industries use their own jargon. Maybe this generalisation will help.

A Solenoid

Open Frame solenoidAn electro mechanical device comprising an electrical coil and an integrated plunger or shaft which moves and / or operates a mechanism. Exception: Holding Solenoids, which generate a magnetic field to hold something in position. Tendency to be small and specially engineered.

A Solenoid Valve

solenoid valveBasically a valve, often pneumatic or hydraulic, sometime water, which is operated by a solenoid coil fitted over the valve plunger. The product is 90% valve and 10% solenoid coil. Can be any size (say 1/8" to 2") and often a standard catalogue product. Solenoid coils are generally replaceable items, and one design of valve can use different coils for different voltages.


The Solenoid Company design and sell solenoids. If you need a solenoid valve then our parent company may be able to help from our own brand of pneumatic solenoid valves to special purpose process valves. Contact H. Kuhnke Ltd.

The Solenoid Company Understands Solenoids.

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