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Series D rotary solenoids are of circular design and can be supplied in sizes D2 (Ø25mm) up to D9 (Ø100mm).

Series E rotary solenoids are identified by their square cross section, and can be supplied in sizes E3(35mm) up to E9(100mm). The series E solenoids produce a high output combined with small space requirement.

All types are available with rotary movement from 25° to 95° (except E7). Starting torque depends on angular travel, given the nominal operating voltage and the relative duty cycle. The above also applies to the end torque which is measured 5° before completion of overall angular travel.

The solenoids are available for left-hand (anti-clockwise) and right-hand (clockwise) rotation. A return spring can be fitted optionally.

Connections can be with flying leads (20cm standard), by terminal box or any specified connector. All rotary solenoids incorporate tapped mounting holes on both mounting surfaces. We can provide mountings to suit customer requirements.

Two-directional rotary solenoids, Kuhnke UD series, consist of 2 solenoids coupled in tandam. The end position after the first angular travel is the start position of the reverse angular travel. Two directional rotary solenoids are available only in this circular design

We have prepared a table showing all of these products, standard options, operating temperatures and typical force per duty cycle which you can download as an overview datasheet.

PDF Datasheets
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D Rotary solenoid rangeKuhnke D series circular design. 5 standard body sizes. Click for details

E Rotary solenoid rangeKuhnke high power square E series. In 4 frame sizes. Click for details

ud Rotary solenoid rangeKuhnke UD two-directional rotary solenoids. Available in 3 diameters. Click for details

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