Rotary Solenoids - 25° to 95° Rotation - Square Profile

Rotary solenoids (heavy duty square profile) have fixed rotary movements of 25°, 35°, 45°, 65° and 95°, there are four body size options to choose from offering torque values of up to 450Ncm (E92, end torque value, 10% duty cycle with a power supply of 24VDC). The choice of body size will depend on the space available and the torque required for your application. Within this range there are extra options to choose from, these include return springs, single or double plungers, clockwise or anti-clockwise shaft rotation. Standard voltage is 24VDC with flying leads or plug connections; a silicon bridge rectifier can also be utilised to operate a 205VDC solenoid using a 230VAC mains voltage, please see data sheets for further information. Standard preferred production solenoids are detailed on each data sheet, these are usually available on a quick delivery and competitively priced. In addition to standard solenoids we can also engineer customer specific items and assemblies which can be tailored to your exact requirements - please call us for further information. All solenoids are RoHS compliant.

E3 Series
E5 Series
E7 Series
E9 Series
Type Description Reference Data Sheet
E3 Series 35mm□ Rotary Solenoid 25° to 95° Rotation RSE300 1.30 MB - PDF
E5 Series 50mm□ Rotary Solenoid 25° to 95° Rotation RSE500 1.35 MB - PDF
E7 Series 75mm□ Rotary Solenoid 25° to 95° Rotation RSE700 968.19 KB - PDF
E9 Series 100mm□ Rotary Solenoid 25° to 95° Rotation RSE900 1.35 MB - PDF

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