Motorised Locking

The HS7722 motorised driven lock offers a quick and reliable solution for a wide variety of locking applications where the safe and intelligent opening and closing of a door is necessary, for example, oven doors, disinfectors or industrial dishwashers to assist the venting of hot air or vapour that would otherwise be a critical safety aspect of the application.

The motorised door lock is compact, (L) 227mm x (H) 117mm x (D) 30mm, designed for quick plug and play integration. Secure the device to the application using the through body holes provided; a sub-D interface includes sensor signals and powers the motor drive.

The door can be closed without exertion by the operative. The door when closed latches in the home position, a pre-locked stage, opening of the door is prevented. Sensors recognise the pre-locked condition; the motorised locking motion is initiated providing up to 400N of force to the door seals, sensors verify the locked status.

Upon finishing a process, the door will pre-unlock, this takes 4 seconds, the controlled venting of vapour or hot gases occurs within a predefined time. After 1.5 seconds the door is unlatched; this is the unlocked position, the operative can now open the door fully and safely.

Manual unlocking of the device is possible via an emergency opener.

Standard operating voltage is 24V DC; power consumption is 19 W. Operating temperature 0°C to 80°C. The robust and durable mechanical design offers a superior service life with over 100,000 switching cycles.

Type Description Reference Data Sheet
HS7722 Motorised Locking Device Doc_Nr_10262247 443.79 KB - PDF
192417 Connecting Cable Doc_Nr_10263664 4.04 MB - PDF

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