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Solenoids are frequently used in locking mechanisms, and the scope of locking applications includes many industries.

Obvious uses include door locking, in hotels, offices and secure areas. Here a solenoid can be small enough to fit within a conventional door lock mechanism. In the locked position no power is consumed. Consequently many solenoids are designed to operate from battery power.

Locking includes similar functions in vending machines, remote access systems, turnstiles, car park and access barriers. The list is extensive.


Latching can be mechanical or magnetic, and the main function can suit the applcation to include single acting solenoids, bistable solenoids, two directional solenoids all with or without springs.

Locking solenoid applications do not always define small solenoids. Kuhnke's RM heavy duty range (over 1000 Newtons of force) are used in safety devices for locking the masts of fork lift trucks. Many locking applications exist in the Automotive & Medical Industries.

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