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Impulse Automation is a proud supplier of Kuhnke Solenoids – a trusted, recognised and leading brand name for rotary, linear and holding solenoid technology.

Rotary, linear and holding solenoids, used in a wide variety of industries and applications; these include medical, automotive, machine automation, wind energy, marine and agricultural applications amongst many others. Typical examples of recent application use include white goods door locks, oxygen mask release mechanisms, gearbox interlocks, laser positioning, parking ticket machines, card readers, conveyor feeds and diverters.

The speed of development, manufacture and price depends very much on the quantity you require. Datasheets within this website list our preferred type solenoids which are competitively priced and available on a quick delivery for development purposes. Here at the Solenoid Company, we are interested in all your requirements whether it’s one-off for testing a project, small batch production or volume orders. You can always speak directly to our experienced engineers to discuss your needs.

Impulse Automation Limited is a global supplier of components. We accept all major currencies including credit card payments for small orders. We can ship anywhere around the world using all recognised or preferred courier services.

Our standard terms and conditions of sale are within the downloads section of this website along with our credit account application form, and other useful product-related information.

As a registered ISO9001 company it is our objective through our dedicated team to provide the very best service and give our customers total satisfaction.

Should you require any further information not shown on this website, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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